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21.5inch wall-mounted mcdonald's food self ordering kiosk for restaurant

1.Top standard design, fast, stable and safe.

2.All-in-One kiosk, simple and efficient.

3.New self-service shopping experience.

4.Save labor cost.

5.Reduce the lining time.

6.High sensitive barcode scanner, receipt printer.

7.Support pinpad or pos (credit card)payment.

8. Support different placement: upright, wall-mounted, desktop

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21.5inch wall-mounted mcdonald's  food self ordering kiosk for restaurant 

The Restaurant Ordering Kiosk has a magnificent appearance with attractive design, delicate and beautiful. Out shell designed with high-quality cold rolling plate, the surface of  industrial-grade paint designed to guarantee protection against rust and increase durability. It provide ordering systems in a touch screen menu for guests. Directly integrates with your point-of-sale (POS) system, making order processing extremely easy.

1.Multiple Payment Methods

Support a variety of payment methods like POS, PayPal,Apple Pay and etc..

2.Simple Operation System

The software greatly simplifies the structure of the page, realizing the simple interactive mode.

3.Intelligent  Modules

With rich intelligent modules like ticket printing, voice calling, bar code identification and etc..

4.Real-time Communication

Realize the synchronous order, greatly improve the cooking efficiency of the kitchen.

5.Convenient Management

Can synchronize the order printing, voice call, register, list, check out and other operations in real time.

6.Clear Operating Conditions

The conditions of operating and consumer behavior are well known.

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                                                   Panzhong restaurant Series Kiosk Basic Configuration

Components Specification
Computer Industrial Host:   Mother Board : Industrial POS-1711VNA(Intel845)
                               CPU : I3,I5,I7 (optional)
                               RAM : 4GB, 8GB(optional)
                               HardDisk : 64G, 128G(optional)
(More sizes and types of PC available upon request)
Touchscreen Size : 21.5" 
(More types of touchscreen available: capacitive, resistive or IR optional)
Printer Thermal Printer : Width 80mm~210mm; black mark sensor; full/half cutter
Dot Matrix : Width 80mm~210mm; black mark sensor; full/half cutter
Bankbook :24 pin dual direction
Speaker Multimedia : Left-right bi-channel amplified output
Enclosure ColdRoll Steel : Steel powdercoated front
                             Powercoated backcover
OS Windows /ubuntu
Packing Bubble Foam, carton, wooden case
Other Optionals : UPS, Video Camera, Alarm System, Barcode Scanner,Track Ball, Photo Printer, coin Acceptor, Card Dispenser, Check Acceptor, Infrared, Bluetooth etc.


Wall-mounted self ordering kiosk

Restarant self ordering kiosk

21.5inch ordering kiosk

Ordering Procedure

Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A:We are a OEMODM factory, which can manufacture the products according to your needs and requirement.

Q: How does your company guarantee the quality of products?

A:We have very excellent product designers engineers and quality inspectors for quality guarantee.Moreover, our factory has gained ISO/CE/CCC/FCC/ROHS/ etc certifications.

Q: How long is the warranty time for your products?

A: Our officially promise warranty time is one whole year after delivery.

Q: What payment methods you company accept?

A:We accept most of the payment methods, but mainly accept T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

Q: Can I get some sample?

A: Sure, sample order is welcome.

Q: What's the delivery time of your company?

A:We can make the delivery around 15 working days according to your final order.

Q: What's your package method?

A: Products are packaged with honeycomb boxes and real wood frames.

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