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7/24 Electronic Smart Cabinet Outdoor Parcel Delivery Locker

Panzhong Electronic Smart Cabinet Outdoor Parcel Delivery Locker is a self-service logistics cabinet product used to pick up, send and receive parcels, as well as for the couriers to send and receive parcels, and provide temporary goods storage services to customers. It can realize the best experience of the platform express receiving and sending interactive business. PZ Parcel Locker has come a long way; and been innovated to meet needs from variety industries. It is designed to assist and make life beyond convenient for couriers, e-commerce business, big business, and people’s daily life.

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7/24 Electronic Smart Cabinet Outdoor Parcel Delivery Locker 

Panzhong Electronic Smart Cabinet Outdoor Parcel Delivery Locker has adopted frontier technologies such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things. Parcel identification, storage, pick-up, data monitoring management and other functions, constitute a complete self-service parcel delivery system.  Electronic intelligent parcel lockers have solved the "last mile" dilemma of express delivery, and have been recognized by logistics enterprises, e-commerce enterprises, supermarket chains and property management enterprises. When recipients and buyers cannot be reached, couriers can temporarily store packages in lockers for safety. Recipients and buyers can go into lockers to pick up their packages at any time.

1. Providing WebService interface, supporting third party business platform to manage express cabinet

2. Through the third party business platform interface, the service data is returned to the platform system.

3. The fast delivery function of the package improves the efficiency of the terminal express delivery, and solves the problem of the last 100 meters of logistics. v

4. Parcel overtime recovery function

5. The users receive the express safely by short message extraction code. 24 hours of flexible arrangement of time, privacy, safety and security of goods. 

6. OEM offered

7. Prompt delivery

8. Well and high quality control system

9. Direct manufacturer, favorable price

10. Customer's designs and logos acceptable

11. Professional and experienced designs, workers and sales

12. completely knock down structure and packing, save space, reduce transport cost, easy handling and storage

Name 7/24 Electronic smart cabinet outdoor parcel delivery locker


Intel® I5-4590


4G, up to 8G max.


128G SSD  SATA 2.0

Input Voltage/ac

100-220V 60/50HZ

Peak/Rated Power


UPS Supported

UPS can support locker working 8-10 hours when power off


IC card, Coin operated, Pin code, Fingerprint, Barcode lock system

High quality cold rolled steel plate, thickness 0.6mm regular, baking varnish

orange, customized

2471mm*2500*670mm, customized

Category: Self Service Electricity Lockers

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Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A:We are a OEM/ODM factory, which can manufacture the products according to your needs and requirement.

Q: How does your company guarantee the quality of products?

A:We have very excellent product designers engineers and quality inspectors for quality guarantee.Moreover, our factory has gained ISO/CE/CCC/FCC/ROHS/ etc certifications.

Q: How long is the warranty time for your products?

A: Our officially promise warranty time is one whole year after delivery.

Q: What payment methods you company accept?

A:We accept most of the payment methods, but mainly accept T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

Q: Can I get some sample?

A: Sure, sample order is welcome.

Q: What's the delivery time of your company?

A:We can make the delivery around 15 working days according to your final order.

Q: What's your package method?

A: Products are packaged with honeycomb boxes and real wood frames.

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