Hotel Self Service Check-in Kiosk - Panzhong Has Introduced a New Version

Hotel Self Service Check-in Kiosk - Panzhong Has Introduced a New Version


Through the efforts of the company's research and development department, one of the main products of Panzhong, Hotel Self Service Check-in Kiosk has been upgraded to a new level in the product functions. Today the latest version is officially put on the market and will be used in more and more hotels all over the world.

The functions of the new version are as follows:

1. Self service check-in: authentication comparison, booking check-in, individual guest (no reservation), member check-in, agreement customer, co-stay adding.

2. Self-service room renew: room extension, the original guests have priority to extend more days.

3. Self-service check-out: room card return, pre-check-out, self-refund of deposit, extra room charge, check-out reminder, electronic invoice.

Panzhong Intelligence provides the whole set of PMS which is already connected to the hotel self service check in kiosk, and charge a certain one-time fee, and then reduces the cost and time of PMS docking. The PMS functionality is shown in the bottom picture. We will continue to make our existing products perfect and develop more good products to the markets.

hotel self service check-in kiosk

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