Panzhong Intelligence has setup a specialized testing laboratory

Panzhong Intelligence has setup a specialized testing laboratory


In order to provide customers with high quality and stable performance products such as self ordering kiosk,self service printer, cellphone charging station and solar trash bin...ect. Panzhong Intelligence has setup a specialized laboratory for professional testing of each product prototype before delivery.

1. Reliability Laboratory:

Panzhong professional engineers carry out the test of prototype of continuous operation and various abnormal operation after high-strength and high-load test, comparison and selection of alternative components, modules and pattern assembly.

2. Extreme Environment Laboratory:

Panzhong professional engineers monitor the operation status of prototype under the simulation of hot, code, wet, rain, saline corrosion and transportation vibration environment to monitor the operation status of prototype.

We believe that customers will have more confidence to cooperate with us from now on.

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