Standing in Nepal -RTI Solar Advertising Trash Bin

Standing in Nepal -RTI Solar Advertising Trash Bin


Recently, more than 500 units RTI solar advertising trash bin sare standing in the main streets of the capital of Nepal. They have attracted people’s eyes there with the magnificent and stylish outlook.

RTI solar advertising trash bin is not just a simple garbage can, it is designed to meet the needs of digital outdoor advertising in public places without electricity.

RTI Solar advertising trash bin has the below:

1.Solar energy system, wireless and high-efficient.

2.Advertisement rolling machine, 24 hours working3.continuously, rolling picturesup to 6 pieces.

3.USB charger on both sides, convenient and easy.

PZ intelligence, the professor beside you:

1.Smart Kiosks.

2. Artificial Intelligence

3.Self service Intelligent Terminals

4.  Prospective Technology R & D

solar smart trash bin
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