Your Smart Hotel-RTI Self-service Hotel Check-in Kiosks

Your Smart Hotel-RTI Self-service Hotel Check-in Kiosks


RTI Self-service Hotel Check-in kiosks has attracted many people’s eyes all over the world since its inception. The hotel self check-in  system is designed with magnificent appearance and attractive design, delicate and beautiful. Out shell designed with high-quality cold rolling plate, the surface of industrial- grade paint  designed  to guarantee  protection against  rust  and  increase durability .

The Kiosk supports several functions such as self-check-in, self-renewal, self-check-out which is helpful to reduce the labor pressure of hotels. Based on the mature hotel management system, the smart service mode of "network + self-service terminal" is added to achieve the goal of scientific management of the hotel, reducing operating costs and improving customer experience.

Nowadays RTI Self-service Hotel Check-in Kiosk has become more and more popular in South East Asia, and it will go further into other overseas market.

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